DA-V6D Electric Multicopter

High strength and lightweight carbon fiber material. More effective to reduce the body weight, comprehensive safety protection and idea of the flight control system with high intelligence can minimize the burden of operators, which can realize flexible operations within the scope of 10 ~ 15 km.


  •  Dimension:1400mm

  •  Payload:≥5Kg

  •  Duration:60 min

  •  Crusie speed:45 Km/h

  •  Endurance:30Km

  •  Max Relative Flight Height:1000m

  •  Temperature: -10~+50°C

  •  GPS Position Accuracy:Vertical ±1m,Horizontal ±2m

  •  Wind-resistant:6-level

  •  Waterproof:Moderate rain & snow

  •  Controlling distance:>10 Km,Relay station>50Km

  •  Equipment:Three-axis stability PTZ

  •  Equipment:HD zoom camera

  •  Equipment:Infrared camera



AThe whole closed carbon fiber body, the standard task load effective time over 60 minutes; "Y" type machine arm structure, higher efficiency, more rigidity, over 45KM/h cruising speed; the highly integrated structure layout, It can be normal operate under moderate rain, in 6-level wind & in high altitude area.


BWith fully optimized aerodynamic appearance, the wind resistance is small, and the vibration of the body is low during high speed running, it is also helpful for hd image monitoring. As the high integration of flight platform and mission equipment, the maintenance and transportation job become easier.


CStandard mission equipment supports HD 1080p and infrared thermal imaging sensor of 640p. Transmiting the image to the ground receiving end without damaging. It can provide image recognition and automatic alarm function according to different requirement.