The air-ground firefighting system consists of an air-ground monitoring platform, high performance multi-rotor UAVs and track-laying firefighting robots, it realizes unmanned operation with unified linkage mechanism and comprehensive administration between air and ground, which provides automated facility safeguard for the safe operation of petrochemical enterprises. Integrated air-ground monitoring platform can comprehensively coordinate the movement of the UAVs and the track-laying firefighting robots. It can realize joint air-ground firefighting and inspection operations by real time monitoring the location of every UAV, firefighting robot and staff.




By bringing different detection equipment while conducting detection missions in various disaster sites, the UAV can carry out investigation from different altitudes and angles of the key and suspicious areas. It can also acquire the image data and environmental parameter of the disaster sites and translate them back to the ground station by radio communication network so that the commander can acquire the geographic coordinates, the disaster areas and the level of destruction in the first place.