M80D Firefighting Robot

Fire fighting robot powered by lithium battery, motor driven, equipped with all-terrain track. The robot can flexibly run, rotate in spot, climb ramp, stairs and other complex terrain. It also be equipped with imported remote control water cannons with long range.

Crawler Robot Chassis

  •  Size:1416*800*1650 mm

  •  Weight:400kg

  •  Payload:100kg

  •  Speed:0-1.6m/s

  •  Power:1200w*2

  •  Minimum clearance:180mm

  •  Obstacle height:200mm

  •  Climb angle:35° Ramp & stairs

  •  Capsize angle:25°

  •  Turn radius:Spin around

  •  Control:Remote control

  •  Battery:48V60AH(48V120AH)

  •  Towing capacity for fire hose:100M

  •  Duration:2~3.5H

  •  Durability:8H

  •  Communication distance:1~3km

  •  Wading depth:200mm

  •  Protective performance:IP64

  •  Dampener:Christie independent suspension, Matilda four-wheeled group

Water Cannon



Control System


 Intelligent Application

   Intelligent closed-loop      Automatic control system for recoil        Sound and light alarm system    

 Lighting Surround         Automatic spray cooling     Audio & video collection


Fault Diagnosis

The working status of the operational state of robot such as water cannons, chassis, wireless communications, cameras can be monitored at real-time. If it go wrong, alert will be given at first time,and actions will be taken to keep safety initiative.

Image Feedback

1080P hd image with low latency echo, live video playback. Image transmission distance can reach 500m.

Audio Recording & Speaker

Controlling fire alarm sound output

Water Cannon Controlling

Water cannons may be controlled by the angle of change in the horizontal and vertical directions, and can limit the angle of motion route. There are a variety of water spray modes available.

Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance

The system can identify the distance between obstacles automatically, then return the situation to controller timely, help control staff  make  judgment, or can make their own evasive action.

Component Control

Horizontal, vertical motion control, support for zoom.