Integrated hybrid layout design, which retains the rotorcraft can take off and land vertically, the advantages of air hovering, but also retains the fixed-wing aircraft flying speed, effective range far, smooth flight characteristics.


  •  Wingspan:3000mm

  •  Payload:≥2Kg

  •  Duration:90 min

  •  Crusie speed:80 Km/h

  •  Endurance:100Km

  •  Max Relative Flight Height:1000m

  •  Temperature: -10~+50°C

  •  Wind-resistant:6-level

  •  Waterproof:Moderate rain & rain

  •  Controlling distance:>10 Km Relay station>50Km

  •  Equipment:Three-axis stability PTZ

  •  Equipment:HD zoom camera

  •  Equipment:Infrared camera



    ACompared with the fuel engine, the DA-VTOL-E is electrically driven. It also has qualitative improvements in all aspects of system reliability, economy, maintenance, equipment cleanliness.


    BVertical take-off, switch fixed wing when needed , vertical landing. There is no special requirements on the take-off and landing site.Because of design concept for completing flexible mission,the UAV can hover in the air at any time, in order  to achieve the  "fixed point observation - gaze" function like the traditional multi-rotor aircraft.


    CBecause of fully optimized pneumatic layout, high lift-drag ratio, the endurance is widely increased.The limit voyage is about 100Km by using  pure electric-driven. It's endurance is same as the fixed-wing aircraft driven by a fuel-powered engine, and without the drawbacks of the fuel-powered aircraft engine.


    DStandard mission equipment supports hd visible light of  HD 1080p and infrared thermal imaging sensor of 640p. Transmiting the image to the ground receiving end without damaging. It can provide image recognition and automatic alarm function according to different requirement.