Portable controller

The full-function control system of robot is composed of a handheld terminal and a robot-mounted terminal. The 2 terminals keep communicate each other within low latency through wireless link. It has the network interconnection function to meet the needs of different users.


  •  Images transmitted over the network

  •  Over 500m transmission distance

  •  Bidirectional data transmission

  •  8 " bright screen for outdoor daylight use

  •  Setting task mode with joystick control & button

  •  Multiple fire alarm sound output control

  •  Pod, cameras, robot, water cannons, etc. controlled simultaneously

  •  Obstacle avoidance function

  •  Harmful, combustible gas detection and alarm

  •  Intelligent fault diagnosis and alarm

  •  Image transmitted to the command center in real time

  •  Easy to handle

  •  The entire system is easy to install, debug and maintain easily